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Banjo Ben's Decision

So @BanjoBen or anyone else, what is your decision on the new site?? You got lots of feedback on your question so just curious if you made your decision yet. And just curious on some of the features of the new site. Will it be a seperate site from the current and will Goldpickers have access or will it totally replace the current?? Also what instruments will be taught?? Maybe dobro like the rumor has it… Or will we just have to wait and see?


Based on a Facebook post yesterday, I’d guess not only is Ben not growing up, he’s doubling down on the humor. :laughing:

I would imagine one of the key new features of the new site will be to allow students to pay an extra license fee to be able to learn copyrighted songs. Ben really hoped to implement that on this site, but for various reasons, it never happened.

Gold pickers will remain Gold pickers. Ben still has life time members that started with him for $60. Ben’s a man of his word. I can’t see him leaving anyone behind.

The new site will almost certainly replace the current site.

I have no idea about instruments, but Ben has mentioned bring in more at an additional fee.


@Mark_Rocka @Shaky_loves_banjo Ehmm so was the letter just a Fishing exercise ? I would have given him far more structured feedback if just asked!


Lessee…A learning curve for each new song and now a new website to navigate.

What’s not to love about that? :grimacing:


I’ll try to answer your questions in order :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m building a new site and will be weaving in lighthearted humor as I can.

It will replace the current and have added features integrating the store/membership. Gold Pick members will still have access to what they’ve always had and the new banjo/mando/guitar content I produce. There will be more instructors gradually brought on (first is clawhammer) and Gold Pick members will receive a discount to access that material.


ok sounds good. Thanks ya’ll!