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Been reading @BanjoBen impressive bio. What I want to know is what major movie he featured in. Come on Ben don’t be bashful spill the beans. Give us a sneak preview.


I’ve had that exact question since I read his bio in August of 2016 when I joined the site.



Well, here’s Ben in Taylor Swift’s music video “Change” (closeup at 1:28)

And this interview is the best… LOVE the story about the pics! :joy::joy:

But I found the movie mentioned on this page (did I mention I’m a Google search expert?)

Yep, that’s right…"FEATURED in the Jonas Brothers’ 3D movie!"

Little search on IMDB came up with this:

Here he is in a clip from that at 1:07 in the red shirt playing acoustic guitar and a little banjo at 1:53 and 2:33, some pickin and grinnin at 3:21!

Looking good brother!


Ben went from wearing finger picks backwards to playing banjo for Taylor Swift in 5 years? I don’t know if that encourages me to keep at it or just give up. :rofl:


I was thinking the same thing! LMAO!!

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Mark looking at those stage performances life must have been a nightmare. No wonder he sought a quieter life. I am just glad he did.

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I think what happened was one night in a lonely motel room Ben caught the movie Pure Country and realized he was a country music sell out and he with tears in his eyes told Taylor he had to get back to his roots. So he took off his red hipster wig and put on his old A&M hat and walked out as Taylor threw a whisky bottle at him saying he’d never work in Nashville again. Am I close?


Well there was a little thing that happened called Al Munde. BOOM!


I’VE BEEN FOUND OUT!! The movie was actually pretty good if you saw the original 3D release in IMAX. Okay, it still wasn’t good but it was cool to see my banjo headstock fly toward your head in 3D.


Ben why did you not have any of those fancy black gloves on your pickin hand in the Taylor swift video?.. :joy:

Glad to know I’m not the only one that turned their picks backward! I actually played that way for a few weeks before I realized that was not the right way.

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I should see it… headstock knock to my noggin’ might just knock some Banjer sense right into me!

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Because I’m a grown man. :joy: