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Banjo Ben Students Play for Governor of Iowa!

Thought some of you might be interested that a couple of Banjo Ben’s students played for the Governor of Iowa last year. Pictured (left to right) is myself, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and Meli on fiddle. We were the only musicians invited during the Governor’s convention in Oelwein, Iowa and we played mostly strings, guitar, banjo, fiddle for backup mood music, but I did play some patriotic songs and the national anthem with my trumpet, thus the photo holding the trumpet when the Governor came over to meet us. Hopefully, Gov. Reynolds will consider becoming a Gold-Pick member, but the Governor did spent several minutes thanking us for our music. It was quite an honor and a lot of fun to put some of B.Ben’s music to work!


Man, what an honor! Thank you so much for sharing! That is really cool.


That’s awesome!

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Very cool!

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