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Banjo Ben Clark hard to beat!

Would you believe it? Been a Gold Member since April24th and already have had Banjo Ben himself review a video of my strumming in hopes of getting some much needed help. Not only did he not disappoint with a prompt review, but sent me a video of him encouraging me personally with some new things to try. And to top that he requested that I send him another video of myself in a couple of weeks after I have had a chance to practice some of his recommendations to improve my strumming.
I tell you what, JamPlay and Guitar Tricks has nothing on Banjo Ben Clark when it’s comes to the quality of the lessons, attention to detail, and customer service. IT’S A TOP NOTCH SERVICE!

P.S. I tried JamPlay for a little less than a year and know of what I speak.
It’s a good site, but it’s no Banjo Ben…


Hard to beat indeed; that’s what he does. You’re definitely in the right place. Other forum members are eager to help as well.


If there’s anyone out there that gives more of their personal time to their students, I haven’t found them. Thanks for sharing your experience!


Indeed we are a supportive bunch!


Y’all sure make a feller feel good. Love y’all.


Hi @Lefty70 I am with you on this one Buddy. No one does it better than @BanjoBen


I agree, totally. I have been plucking around on the banjo for a few years on and off. but recently decided, Hey! since you enjoy it so much, why not get a little more serious about learning to play. So I have. This site, and the folks here are extremely helpful. Wanted to get a banjo, so I talked to Jake for about 45 minutes deciding what I wanted/needed. His thoughts and advice were very helpful, and greatly appreciated. Ended up getting the “twanger”. Can’t wait til it gets here!!! Just wish I could find a tab for “I’ll Fly Away”.


You’re gonna love that Twanger!

I think Ben may have sent me some tabs he did of I’ll Fly Away that he makes available to Gold Pick members who ask. Send me your email address in a private message and I’ll try to find them for you.