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Banjo Backup Lick - Mimicking Guitar Lick?

Hi Ben, Been struggling to get my head round this Backup Lick for a long while and wonder if you can help explain to me what Marteka is doing on the banjo at 0.25 and 1.03. As you can see she steps back to let here brother play the guitar lick and as she does so the top of the banjo is hidden by William’s shoulder… It’s kinda hard to make out what she is doing as the guitar volume increases but sometimes I think I hear her mimicking the guitar lick. Is this a backup lick your familiar with ?

Learning this tune is one of the key challenges I’ve set myself to learn this year. Progress is slow but I feel I am making some headway.

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Check this out, @Archie


Ben makes it look so easy… even without picks! Nice and slow and EVEN too!

Thanks Ben much appreciated, I didn’t think it was too difficult, I just couldn’t isolate it from the sound of the guitar lick.

I am pretty sure I have all the bits now. I have TAB’ed it out check you email see if I’m right