Banjo Backup for Three Wooden Crosses


Has anyone ever tried to play backup to the Randy Travis song “Three Wooden Crosses”?


No, but I’ll bet that would sound great with a
banjo backing it up.


I just looked up the chords. Looks like Randy does it in C. Has a D min and A min and a couple 7s, Much more than I expected but not terribly complex. I think if you did rolls on the chords it would be great.


What about some teardrop back up how do you think that would sound?


I played it for a church special a few months back. I just played rolls with chord phrasing and it turned out well. Key of C . It has enough chord changes to keep it interesting without being too repetitive. Give it a try.


I sang with it also and it was just a solo. It was nothing fancy but it came across really well. Great Song !!!


Here’s a little lesson on the tune. The playing is not the best but maybe it’ll help some.


That was great stuff! I have figured out the chords to lots of songs by trial and error. But how do you figure out if it’s a chord with a different note other than the root in the bass? I play the slash chords all the time with our church on guitar so I’m familiar with them, and I like to play the bass note on guitar even though the bass is covering it also.


Wow. Some day


Thanks Ben for the quick reply. I was asked to play back up on this song for a special in church (Dec. 30) and I thought it would only need to be rolls and NO hammers or slides, Thanks again


Thanks…I’ve been asked to play with the church band on this song with a special singer.


It’s easier after you do it a long time. But essentially, the bass note can either be the root or one of the other triads of a chord (most always). A little trial and error will tell you which one it is. The 1/5 is used in almost every hymn arrangement ever written, haha!