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Banjo and Mandolin learning

I’ve been learning the banjo for just over 2 years now and was wondering. A lot of people including @BanjoBen play mandolin and guitar as well as banjo. I learned guitar many years back when I was a child and still play guitar as my main instrument. As I mentioned above, i’m pretty new to banjo. My question to everyone including @BanjoBen is. Can you learn mandolin and banjo at the same time or can that confuse muscle memory for the banjo? Just wondering how others have approached it?


I’m learning banjo and fiddle simultaneously and it doesn’t mess up my muscle memory. I also play guitar and ukulele so that does make a difference. I want a mandolin, and if your thinking about learning it, I’d say go for it! I think most other members will agree. Your experience on guitar and banjo will help immensely with mandolin in all aspects from knowing how to pick and fret, to knowing the music style and tunes.

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I do :+1:

What @Dragonslayer said.

I say go for it all!