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Banjo and how to install a strap for me to learn

hi Ben.

you did a mando strap some time ago. How about a lesson on how to properly install a banjo strap and wear it. I am interested in the kind that supports the weight of the banjo and cradles it. Can you help me?

there was a banjo boot camp, when?

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Hey Dean,

Is this the one you’re looking for?–overview-holding-and-strap-banjo/video/how-to-hold-a-banjo


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Yep, I need to do one on how to install a strap. I just got some banjo straps in stock, so this is a good time to do it.

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Looking forward to it. I’ve seen quite a few different ways on the net on all sorts of videos from lessons to performers, etc.

I have a Levy’s Leather strap with the top strap just like yours in the video as I’ve heard it’s not good to go around the neck, but my bottom strap is on the two ABOVE the tail-piece, rather than below like yours is. I know they’re not opposite one another, but I was more concerned about putting pressure on the small screw flange (RK-36) and it cutting into the leather.