Bad day - need my spirits lifted



Well, know this, Archie: I love you.


This always makes me smile. :slight_smile:

Hope your day gets better.


Thanks guy’s feeling better already :joy:


I hope nothing serious. Lifting you up babe :smile:

I hope your day gets better. If it doesn’t, it’s just one day, there’s another one tomorrow.


Another bad day ? Not sure I can handle two in a row.

Nothing too serious @maggie.williams1 just fed up my leg is not healing.


Aw mate, noooooo not another bad day. I just meant another day, A day with potential, another chance to make it a great day blah blah blah. But, I’m pretty sure you knew that. See, you made a funny… It’s looking up already.

Sorry to hear about the leg though. That’s gotta be miserable.


Hi @maggie.williams1 it’s hard to stay low when you have such great friends here to pick you up. Yes I was tugging your leg a little about two bad days on the trot. You’ll get used to my sense of humour.

My leg although quite painful at times is not life threatening. it’s just slow to heal. I’ve been in bandages for 5 months now and some days it just wears me down.


yeah, I get it. Hang in there bud.


Feel better soon, Archie.


Tanks Jack, I’m feeling much better today


Man I’ll be praying for your leg to heal! Pick up that banjo and it will make you feel better!


There’s a group on youtube they call the sleepy man banjo band, because when their banjo player was young the banjo was so heavy for him he was known to play it laying down. Praying for God’s healing of your leg, but if you have to play in a reclining positon, play.


Archie, if you believe nothing is impossible! Even God helps one’s unbelief. You (and other folks too) may want to check out Derek Prince’s messages. A British man born in India and finally settled in America and died some years ago. It is hard to find someone who is truly faithful and preaches true gospel. Your life will change, a true peace will come, and your body will be quickened by the Spirit. My prayers are with you!


Thank you John.