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Backing Tracks with vocals

I play with backing tracks a lot lately but I really miss not having vocals to key off of. Does anyone know of any good bluegrass backing tracks with vocals?

I usually make my own but there are a few sights around…what were you looking for song wise?

Mostly the most common , classic stuff for now.

I think there are several on YouTube. Would that work?

That could arguably be many hundreds of songs…and can change depending on musicians’ abilities or geography…

Then there are different styles and generations of “standards” Monroe, Stanley ,F & S, Reno, Osborne, Martin, Crowe, etc.

Example: I’ll Fly Away is known by nearly everyone who plays bluerass here in MI, but is rarely ever heard being done…so it is both common and “classic” here…but not as popular to do as it was 30 years ago.

Guess what I’m trying to get across is that there is stuff out there, but someone could look for the wrong material to help you for days and end up not finding what you’re looking for.

Is there effectively a “bluegrass band in a box” with vocal tracks I guess is what I’m saying,

I’ve not found anything much with vocals included…

You might try singing the vocals yourself and mixing them in with an existing backup track…

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Hey Keith,

Making bluegrass backing tracks can be a pretty simple matter if you own BIAB (Band In A Box) software. However, adding backing vocals is a different matter altogether. Since adding vocals would need to go done in real time and endless considerations would need to be made about each song individually (ie. Harmony choices, types of voices, vocal ranges, where harmonies start and end, arrangements… etc), adding vocal harmonies that would universally seem appropriate would be a near impossible task.

If you like harmonies, you might try out a vocal harmonizer like TC Helicon Harmony G.

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I have one of those. It’s phenominal! It can be painful to learn to use though, cause it really let’s you know how bad you’re singing. The good part is, it forces you to improve.

So far I have been playing along with you tube videos.