Back on my feet


Hey y’all!

I’m back on my feet today, 26 June, and I want to thank you for your support during the last 2 months. I also ask for a bit of patience in my responses, both here and email, as I get caught up. Tomorrow through Friday is the biggest trade show of the year and Jake is coming in to help me create as much havoc as possible. It should be fun and you’ll see some videos of great new instruments coming soon!


That’s great. Don’t stand up too fast or you might get light-headed. Just think you’ve gone from can’t walk at all, to “I think I can take a shower,” to “Get your own dang ice cream!” in just two months.


God is good. Glad to hear, Ben.


Bout time you got off your butt! LOL… j/k! Glad to hear it and best of luck with the trade show!