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Back in the day

Ran across an old public access tv show we played from back in the 2000.

Thought it might be worth a few laughs…


Thanks for sharing @fiddle_wood. You guys sounded great. I hope that someday I might get good enough (and brave enough) to play in a group of talented musicians like this. Do you guys still play together?

Out of curiosity, how did you decide who got to wear black pants and who had to wear brown? Was it an age/experience thing? Did band members have to earn black pants?

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Ha, it’s the only band I ever played fiddle in…I was there mainly for my experience and vocals, and had to play something…

Do you guys still play together?
No,…It was almost twenty years ago. the kids on mando (20) & guitar (17) do sometimes though…they just released another album together with a new band last week.

Kids = Khaki :wink:

The purpose behind the band was to help the youngsters improve and further their careers. They both make their livings as musicians now…so it worked out well.


@fiddle_wood So what name did you guys pick for that one song?. Very cool…I would be a nervous wreck playing in front of a camera. Was your banjoist playing a Stelling?. The headstock looks like one…just curious. Your guys vocals blended very well… That was awesome, thanks for sharing.

I don’t remember the song name.

Not sure what he played, he has many,many banjos & his hobby is converting/collecting old ones…I am sure it was not a stelling though

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Took a closer look at the banjo…It’s a Gibson Mastertone…near as I remember I believe it’s the one that was his main instrument for many years…a '30s RB3 (possibly a conversion).

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