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Away in a manger alternative tune

Hi folks, I haven’t used the forum before but I’ve been a member for a while. My news years resolution is to get some more Christmas music under my belt to do some busking at the end of 2019. One thing I’d like to see is Away in a Manger for the banjer, but using the alternative tune which is called “Cradle Song”. I grew up with this version in the local Presbyterian church. As it’s all public domain, it’s free (hopefully it can be viewed) Cradle Song

I can read the notes as I’ve got a little piano experience, but transferring it to beginner banjo will probably take longer than what I’d like to spend on it making an arrangement. I’d rather be practicing haha.

Dunno if Ben looks in on these posts, or indeed, if any other person who has the skills can do it, but I’d be very grateful.

Thanks heaps, Luke

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Hey Luke! Welcome to the board!

Ben does frequent the forum, but he’s crazy busy right now gearing up for several projects, not the least of which is his first ever bluegrass camp in March. I don’t know that he’ll have the bandwidth for this in the near future.

I could try and give it a shot. How “beginner” do you need it to be? Is G the key you’d like it in?

Hi Mark,

As close to the actual tune as possible is fine. I am trying to migrate slowly away from G, but would prefer not to need to tune up or down either haha. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Been a LONG day at work. Just got home and sat down with this for a few minutes. This is a VERY rough draft, but I want to make sure it’s heading in the direction you want before I put too much effort in to it. Take a listen to this TEF file and let me know.

AwayInAManger.tef (1.4 KB)

Hi Mark, I really appreciate you helping me out after a hard day. I’ve had a look at the tef file, and while the difficulty level is great, the tune itself is the regular Away In A Manger tune. The music I linked to previously is the tune I was chasing, but I’ve also managed to find it on Youtube here:

I am very grateful for your efforts all the same! Thank you.

I am fairly sure there are several tunes that are played to the lyrics Away in a Manger. The Cradle Song you mentioned earlier in the post Luke I think is maybe the Brahms Lullaby ? Usually heard in a musical box movement. I cant say I have heard the hymn sung to that tune in the Church of |Scotland.

Here is a modified version of @Mark_Rocka arrangement

Away-in-a-Manger.tef (4.0 KB)

Sorry about that, Luke. I guess I should have read your original request a little more closely.

Hi Luke. Is this the tune your looking for. This is what is traditionally played in Scotland. It’s just the basic melody.

Away-in-a-Manger Trad.tef (4.4 KB)

I’d love to help you with this as well! Please remind me this fall and I’ll get it done for you and work it into a site lesson.

Sorry for the late reply, I’v been out of town with a variable internet connection. Thanks Archie. My old minister was Scottish so that may be the reason for the alternative tune. Thanks also for your reply Ben, I’ll remind you in the fall. Good luck on your camp!

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Howdy boys, is it Fall in the US of A yet? It’s certainly Spring/Summer (they’re the same) here in Oz.

Archie’s post has the right tune, and I have that down, but is there perhaps a more intermediate version? I am trying the build a break tricks to make it a bigger performance tune. Thanks for all your help and all the work you guys do to keep us playing !