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Avatar vanishes into thin air

Woops, Something strange going on. Is Stephen back at work ?

I saw the same thing last night. This morning it’s back. I’m also seeing yours now, too.

Yes @Archie, we ran an update lately and trying to get a few loose ends tied up :slight_smile:

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Hurrah, I watch with bated breathe :rofl::smiley::smile::sunglasses::yum::star_struck::tired_face::sleepy::disappointed_relieved:

You must have supervision I mean super vision. I look like a grey snowman at this end, so do you. ::sob:

OK, so I just checked something. I noticed the problem last night on my iPhone. This morning I thought the problem went away, but I’m on my PC now. I just checked my iPhone and the problem was still there.

So, I just logged out of the site on my phone and logged back in. That fixed the problem. Might want to give that a try.

Your back Mark, but I am not, cleared my browser history, logged out /in and rebooted still look like a dirty snowman. This happened before. Me thinks I need to go upload the image again.

That did the trick.

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