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Audio Recordings

I would like to post some audio recordings in the future for feedback. I was thinking that it would be best to just post it on the forum rather than in the “Video Swap”. On the forum side it would work itself down til it was gone. The “Video Swap” looks to support an audio for only a certain length of time but the page remains and, even though the feedback is appreciated, it creates a waste of space. If an audio recording is acceptable for feedback I would like opinions on where to put it.

Sure, you can post it in the corresponding instrument category and as a Gold Pick member I’ll do my best to respond. Sometimes I do miss them, though, so a post in the Video Swap would guarantee a response.

Are you concerned about the page taken up once the audio is unsupported in the video swap? I would rather take a chance on your feedback on the forum side if this is the case.

Post either place, my friend!

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