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Audacity Query

Hi @Mark_Rocka when you slow down MP3’s in Audacity what do you do to adjust the pitch in order to stay in the right key.

It sounds like you might be using an option other than Tempo change. I’m not in front of my PC right now, but I think if you use the Tempo Change option, it keeps it in the same key for you.

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Thanks Mark that sounds a lot better. What % would you normally reduce the speed to as a starting point when your working on building speed / getting familiar with the backing track.

It depends on the lesson. A lot of lessons have backing tracks at full speed plus slower speeds. If I need to go slower than the slowest speed (like when I’m learning the lesson) I’ll just stick to the TEF file. Then I’ll use the slowest backing track and see if I can keep up with it.

Generally speaking, I think the quality of the MP3s gets too bad once you get slower than about 70%. So, if it’s a lesson where there’s only a 100% speed backing track, I’ll stick with the TEF until I can play it at at least 70% speed, then switch to the MP3 in Audacity.

Also, when you open an MP3 in Audacity, you can highlight a specific part of the song to loop it. Just click and drag your mouse across the part you want to loop, then hold down SHIFT and press the Space Bar to start play in loop mode. This helps to practice those really tough passages.

Thanks that’s really helpful