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Attending Bluegrass Festivals

As my wife and I are close to reaching our golden years, we are looking to do something other than sitting in our house and staring at each other.

One thing we’re considering is traveling to bluegrass festivals with the intent of selling our crafts.

I’m not privy to the happenings at a bluegrass festival, because I’ve only been to one. (Rooney Fest - Deposit, N.Y. 1983.) Needless to say time and a lack of sobriety have pretty much erased most memory of said event.

WIth that said, can anyone share some of their bluegrass festival experiences? Anything at all would be great. I’d really like to know if there are always vendors at these festivals, and more specifically what craft vendors one might find and what is being sold.

Any input is much appreciated.


There are some type of vendor at many festivals.

Most that I know have a regular circuit they travel of fests,& fairs of different kinds.

Most festivals will provide an information section or application for vendors on their web site.

Some promoters try for variety in their vendors to help make sure you don’t go broke from competition…others could care less

I’d suggest some research via “festival vending” on the net.

I’d wager there are forums and “groups” on the subject also.


Yep, you’ll most likely have to get some kind of vendor license.

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Hi Jack,
Might I suggest you drop a quick email to Murphy Henry, I do believe she sets up a stall selling her DVDs at most of the major festivals. She would know about vendor licenses and how to apply.

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licensing is a state by state, thing… food is the biggie for inspections/licences etc. in MI…crafts & such not so much.

You’ll want to do some research on tax structuring also…

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Great suggestion…ty.