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At login it says 'Gold Pick trial' and other stuff

Hi Ben, I am a Gold member, fully paid up lifetime etc. When I login it says ‘Gold pick trial’ on my main page, also when I click the ‘completed’ lesson box I receive 'Sorry for Gold members only '…I do have access to the lessons, although I haven’t tested them all yet…When I login from my smartphone it gives me only free lessons, no access to gold membership…I’m sure it only needs a little tweak somewhere, would be grateful to get it sorted out…Actually I have just this minute tried some other lessons and I get the blank screen with ‘members only’ on it…

John O’Boyle

Hi John. Try logging out, clear out your cache/ delete cookies and log back in . That should clear the problem. If not lets us know.

Hi Archie, Yea I did as you suggested Logged out…cleared browser, history, cache, cookies etc…Just logged back in, went to guitar lessons and clicked one of the ‘completed’ boxes…No change, still doesn’t recognise me as a GP member. In my account is says I haven’t purchased any lessons and I’m only allowed free lessons…Strange because it was working a few months back…

Ok I’ll get @BanjoBen to check it out for you

Hey John,

I don’t have any record of a Gold Pick membership or membership purchase using the j****** address attached to this account. I think you must have a Gold Pick membership under another email address.

Ben, I’ve just trolled through my bank statements, …on 8/2/2019, I paid £427.13 to BANJOBENCLARK.COM. There’s obviously been some sort of mix up somewhere along the line as my email address has always been j*******7@…I can send you a screen print of the transaction, or I can get in touch with my bank for formal verification …But given this information I’m sure it can be verified from your side…

Yes, I found it, but as I suspected, you used a different email address. The one that is on file does not have a number in it. Perhaps you mistyped it when you registered. So, you have two accounts. You have a free one (which is the one I’m responding to) and you have a lifetime membership with a different email address. I sent you an email to the j****** to get clarification for what email you want to use.

Ben, I’m really glad it’s sorted out, but I don’t have an email without the ‘7’ at the end(It was already taken when I tried to register it many years ago)…so there’s no way I would be able to log in with that as I have not registered with yahoo for that email…Could you change over the j****** to my gold pick account…I have also been receiving special offers etc from you into my j****** account, as this is my only account with you.

I’ve got you fixed up…looks like you had a typo when you signed up for the membership. Thanks!

Well done that man…