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Ashokan Farewell (fiddle)

I thought this song would be a fitting goodbye, both to this year, and to my childhood home of fifteen years. This is the last video I filmed there before leaving for good. RIP, old home place, you will be missed…
And goodbye to 2020. It’s been a great year for me, and I will remember it fondly. But I’m also looking forward to the adventures and challenges next year will bring!
Happy new year!


Great Job Gunner, One of my favorite tunes. I tried to learn Tom Adams banjo arrangement several years ago but I found it too tough. I may revisit it again in 2021 as I plan on focusing more attention on Celtic tunes.

Where will you be settling and what are your plans moving forward or are you still undecided?



I’m gonna be moving to south east Texas at first, I may or may not stay long there, but that’ll be my first location


Hearing you play has prompted me to pull out my banjo and revisit Ashokan Farewell. Good luck starting a new life in Texas so different to life in Mozambique.


Nice job! I bet that is bittersweet leaving. Perhaps our paths will cross once you are back in TX


It is definitely bittersweet. Perhaps they will, we’ll see!

@Dragonslayer wishing you well on your move and Happy New Year!

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I’m so glad I got to meet you in person at Cabin Camp. God bless you.


Today I made a reasonable facsimile of Mrs. Ball’s chutney. I had to also make a beef curry to try it out on. Worked!

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Thanks for the well wishes!