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…the e-mail I got today from Banjo Ben Clark!

Melodic Improvisation: Aiming for the Root!

"So is it a bad thing if I’m trying to learn banjo and I go down the rabbit hole to the Melodic Improv for geetar?..which kinda blew my mind!"

- Forum Member Jon1 !

How about that! A Genuine, bona fide with street creds, stand-up-and-be-counted official Quote in an Email!

First, he nails “John Henry” by playing with another person.
Now, he’s oThe Voice Of a Really Good Idea!"

Congrats, Jon1. When you’re hot, you’re hot!! :+1::+1::+1:


So I do believe that deserves a congrats BanJoe and a Thank you… I think :upside_down_face: either your serious or sarcastic??? ( I’m just a Banjo playin carpenter… Not to bright…:rofl: ) No matter, I love sarcasm HAPPY PICKIN YA’LL :sunglasses:


For the record, I am serious, and I do NOT do sarcasm.
IMHO, sarcasm is hurtful, and even when it is meant to be jocular, it still comes across hurtful in print, when tone of voice & body language is not available to convey the correct meaning.

And, for the record, whether you know it or not, you struck a chord with Ben and what he is trying to teach. You “went down the rabbit hole,” and I believe Ben is trying to teach us to “Fear not.” (Personally, I prefer “Fear nought.”)
If you listened to Ben’s interview with Vince Mareno, you would have heard Ben tell a story about the dumbest student he ever had. This kid was so stupid, he wore his finger picks backwards, and wondered why they kept flying off his fingers! This idiot kid even asked
J. D. Crowe about flying finger picks! What a dope!!
The story does have a happy ending, and the moral was “Fear not” (or nought.)
Sure, you are just some dumb beginner, but no body is laughing at you. Some even admire your courage for going down the rabbit hole without permission. :+1:
IMO, your innocent question demonstrated exactly the kind of attitude Ben would love to foster in all his students.

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Well I do sincerely thank you ! but I tend to be as light hearted as possible so even if you were being sarcastic you did not offend me. And I did listen to that whole interview and I think I heard that tale of the flying pick question before ( maybe I’m smarter than I thought I never done that one!!!) Your comment’s are well taken and very much appreciated . I love the Banjo and this website as well as your online friendship. :sunglasses: P.s and just to add to this whole discussion I was eyeballin some acoustic geetars down at the geetar shop!!! THEY SURE ARE PURDY!!! :wink: