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Are these bridge pins deep enough?

Hi Jake, Ben, and all:

I’m restringing my D-28 with the new D’Addario medium gauge strings Ben gave away in the Camp Goodie Bag.

Are the bridge pins in properly? I’m most concerned about the G (3rd) pin; can’t seem to get it in any deeper with just thumb pressure. Is it Ok to gently tap it with a mallet?

Thanks in advance.

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It’s fine in that it doesn’t have to go in any further, everything is fine. If it bothers you, however, you could check out Jake’s advice here:

I personally would not use a mallet on a musical instrument (clawhammer banjo?) I don’t think it makes a difference (I hope not, cuz mine are never pushed perfectly in) but others may chime in with more experience

Thanks, @BanjoBen!

What Ben said, but to be sure, don’t mallet it in :+1:

Me neither! :slight_smile: Thanks

I’ll chalk that crack about Clawhammer up to youth. We all know that even the mighty Earl was humbled by the awesomeness of Stringbean.

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That was probably like poking a bees nest.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: it was entirely sarcastic, I enjoy playing clawhammer banjo almost everyday as well as my regular Scruggs pursuits

As long as you are down with Grandpa jones as well.

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I had the same question when I changed the strings recently. Not all the pins went all the way and was sitting very similar to how it is in the picture. I was just hoping it wouldn’t slide its way out and it didn’t. Good to know leaving the way it is (like in the picture) is just fine.

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