Are there lessons missing?


You may notice that some lessons available long ago are now missing from the site. Why is that? Long story short, I had posted some songs that were copyrighted (I’ll Fly Away, I Saw the Light, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Dueling Banjos, etc.). Though I wasn’t charging for them, I learned that it was still illegal for me to present them as lessons.

However, I went to great lengths and expense in 2017 to secure licenses for many of these titles and will begin to teach them in 2018. Please note that by law all users of the site must pay a one-time licensing fee to unlock the lesson, even if you’re a monthly, annual, or Lifetime Gold Pick member. The licensing fee for members will be vastly lower (as low as I can legally make it) than those who want to purchase the lesson without a Gold Pick membership.

The copyrighted content will be referred to as premium content while all other Gold Pick lessons referred to as member content. I’m excited to soon bring you some of the most popular songs to pick!



I had wondered about that and am glad to see we’ll have access to it again :slight_smile:


Where is the old version od Intro to Melodics ? … It used to be in the beginning banjo section.


Here you go Tom… @BanjoBen upgraded it to the Intermediate Learning Track


Keep in mind that you can type keywords into the search bar on the lesson page and it will filter the lessons. Thanks!


Where did the old rugged cross go?


It’s copyrighted. Send me an email and I’ll get you the tabs.


Thank you.
I would not have thought it would be copyrighted since it’s such an old gospel song. I thank you in advance for the tabs. I really found your Israel trip to be interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing
Thank you