My daughter got a new Genesis Mini bow. She loves it and thought I’d share a quick video.


It shows unavailable, which stinks cause I want to see it! Try to repost if you can.


You might check to see if it’s set to “private”


I changed it from private to unlisted. Hopefully it will work now. Thanks.


Got it! That’s awesome…those are great bows. How old is your girl? Mine is 6 and she’s outgrown her little one…I’m looking for her next.


Audrey is 6 too. I thought she might have trouble pulling it back, but she shot for about 45 minutes with no problem. Had them put on a whisker biscuit. That really helped her the most I think. She can really pop those arrows in to the target now.

(She will be 7 next month)


Awesome! I’m always glad to see kids interested in things other than electronics. My 7 yr old loves to shoot her traditional bow. I need to get her a nice one someday.


Wow, nice. Brings back memories for me. My daughter was a competitive archer in high school, college and medical school. Her bow is a Mathews target bow, 30-ish pounds draw. This Christmas she and her husband visited and took her bow back to her home, now interested in resuming archery. A great sport for all.


Bowhunting and Archery Bear bows are my passion when it comes to slinging sticks. I’ve got a few of them this is my Pride n Joy Bear Arena 30