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April 8-10, 2021 Nashville Camp!

Registration opens Friday, October 9, at noon central! You can see the details here:


A reminder that this camp registration opens today at noon central! You’ll receive an email if you’re on my store or lessons email list, but best thing to do is be on the camp page at noon sharp and refresh the page. It’ll probably sell out and I’ll most likely have another weekend.

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I signed up for the April Cabin Camp and have an order number. However, I never received a confirmation email. Does that mean there is a problem with my registration?

Thank you,


We’ve got you down, @kevinw31969!

Thank you for responding so quickly.

Any word on a second camp. I was one of the ones who submitted my order at 12:02 and you were sold out

We’re trying to work some things out! I’m considering maybe a banjo-only camp sometime.


It’s pretty sad when the first thing I do when I get on line is check my email to see if I have an email from Banjo Ben about Cabin Camp!!!


Man this sucks I don’t know how I missed this post or email! @BanjoBen you have to do another one!

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I really wanted another guitar spot myself but the date hit during my kids spring break and we normally take a trip. I did end up getting a claw hammer banjo spot for the following week. Hopefully you and I can hit the same camp again one day!