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April 15th... And SNOW

Hard to believe that it we are 2-3 weeks into Baseball season (well, in non-Covid19 times)… and it has been snowing most of the day. Even overnight, a dusting can happen but during the day?

Ordinarily, I think I would complain for warmer weather but it really looks nice from the windows of my quarantined home.

It is just another unusual event in these unusual days.

In Michigan, we have appended the popular phrase:

April SNOW Showers bring May Flowers (we hope)


Wow. Cool!! Snow! Down here in GA we get some moody weather but it’s not very often that we get snow.


It does look nice - especially when we don’t go out to drive in it…

That said, we are happy to be rid of snow this time of year! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I just heard that snow :snowflake::cloud_with_snow: is forecasted for FRIDAY, the 17th!

Well, it immediately melts… so no biggie.


Yeah it is chilly.


It’s times like this I’m thankful to live in Houston, TX. My beanpole body can’t handle that kind of cold.



Even as it is snow and out of season… It was warmer with the snow because we had two weeks of frigid winds :dash:.

I was surprised when my covered grille - which had moved all winter… Was blown 5 feet and turned sideways.

So… Calm snow flurries isn’t so bad… especially within quarantine.

As I mentioned, it normally would be a little annoying… but it really was serenely beautiful.


Yep, it was 84 on Monday and we had snow here in Va on Wednesday, lol. go figure.

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It is snowing right now here in the “Enchanted Mitten”!

What the h3ck! :roll_eyes:

April 21 and MORE SNOW… :roll_eyes::pensive: … and some sun too! :facepunch:

However, I am reminded by one of my favorite Bible Verses from Psalms 118: 24:

“This is the day which the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”