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Anyone ever heard of Ome?

This isn’t mine. It just came up on a Facebook ad. It’s absolutely gorgeous. If I had $3500 burning a hole in my pocket I’d snatch it up! Who cares about a brand name when it looks and sounds this good?

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Those are great, yeah!

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Yes @Mark_Rocka I drooled over buying one when I was building up to buying my Stelling. The ones I was looking at had lot’s of bling which kinda pushed them clear out of my budget.

They are great banjos.


OME banjos are made in Boulder Colorado. I toured their shop many years ago. OME is notorious for a mellow, rich sound. ( in contrast to the sharp, crisp, punchy sound of a Stelling). My bet is you would love it and your family would too! (Lots of banjo player’s families would like a mellower sound…) The necks were a little thick for my small hands.

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