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Any Volume Five fans out there?

Gotta give a shout out to Mr. Patton Wages… who’s Banjo licks sound amazing on 95 Years and The Drifter!

That whole CD is very solid.

Can’t wait for their next release.

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Love this band…closed the festival this year in Charlotte MI…one of the best on stage performances I’ve seen. One tight unit filled with talent.

Thanks for the post. I am enjoying what I hear so far. I have been listening to GreenSky Bluegrass recently.

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Yes… GSBG is awesome too. Have you heard the newest CD? Living Over and Merely Avoiding are standouts!

An awesome MICHIGAN band!

Cool, you’re only an hour or so from some good festivals. I volunteer at Charlotte Bluegrass Festival each year since my friend took it over. great line up coming this year.

I’m just about 2 hrs West of you near GR

Cool. My son played a Travel Soccer game in GR and I bought Ford Escape there… about 2 years ago

Do you play Guitar, Mandolin or Banjo? I assume Banjo… but it looks like your pic is with a guitar.

How long have you been playing?

Volunteering - how cool!

I’ve played all those and bass & fiddle on stage at one time or another over the years. I’m mostly known for playing Bass.

Had to give up banjo a few years ago because of pain in my right wrist & forearm (from over-playing).

I’m early retired and spend most of my time working on fiddle since I gave up the 5 string.

I’ve done some Banjo, Bass, Fiddle and some singing on a few of the collaborations here.

I spend 10 days at Charlotte fest setting things up, hauling trash, fixing roads, then last year did the entire cleanup alone on Sunday. It’s lots of work, but well worth it to see all the fun folks have.

I’ve been going to that festival since I was in my teens, so it kinda holds a special place in my heart. The parking lot picking is totally awesome there. You should try ot make it this coming year…I’m sure you’d enjoy it.

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To listen perhaps… too green to Jam :astonished:

You sound like you are quite accomplished musician by your profile! I think it is awesome you are a multi-instrumentalist. FIDDLE, wow!

I have tinkered with a few bands… rock… but no acoustics yet.

The video linking is strange. I click on the file using the Upload button off my camera roll… and it compresses it. I name the file but it won’t LINK or post when I hit + UPLOAD VIDEO button.

Here is what I do when using my camera:

load from camera to computer

then computer to YouTube (drag & drop)

wait until it’s finished and then copy link to uploaded video (YouTube)

paste link into post here

You might want to wait several seconds before you hit the Reply button here

I don’t know why… but I am not crazy to post to YouTube.

I don’t mind sharing with THIS community… but not excited to put on YouTube.

Seems like there should be another way.

Yes I bought their latest two CD’s after hearing Living Over and Past my Prime. Lots of great Mandolin.

I bought those too.

i like greensky bluegrass. dont know how many times ive listen to old barns.
but i like traditional bluegrass aswell.
but the funny thing is that what made me wanna learn banjo is actually grandpa’s cough medicine with hillbilly music.
that was in the background when i got my last tattoo

I always make my YouTube videos “unlisted” that I post here in the forum. That way y’all can see them but no one can find them on YouTube.

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