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Any Spanish speakers here?

I’m working hard on my Spanish preparing for a trip to Cuba later this month. Any other Spanish speakers here that could converse with me a bit?

muy poco. But I just signed for a Babbel account, so very soon,

Como se llamas?

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Me llamo Banjo Ben, pero mis amigos me llaman Lechón Asado.

Lechon Asado, eh? Tienes hambre, mi amigo?

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Yo quiero Taco Bell.


Não posso, desculpe. Eu falo Portuguese porque o meu sposa e Brasileira!

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I can comprehend about half of what I read in Portuguese…of course, hearing it would be a different story, I’m sure!

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I looked that up. That was a good one! :rofl:

Translated: “I can’t, sorry. I speak Portuguese because my wife is Brasilian!”

Knowing a little Spanish, French and Italian, mostly from school and the Navy, it’s interesting that many words in Portuguese are taken right from those three languages. Garçon is waiter, Feliz Natal is Merry Christmas, half Spanish, half Italian! It goes on and on. As a result, if you speak Portuguese, you can understand about 80% Spanish, 50-60% Italian and maybe 30-40% French. But not the other way around for that same reason.

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I don’t speak Spanish but my eldest grand daughter does speak some. She has just been accepted as an undergrad student to Stirling University and will be heading off in September to study French, Spanish and Teacher Training. She says all European languages are inter-connected. Many words in the English language have derived from German, French, Spanish and Scandinavian countries.

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Hola Ben, Soy cien porciento gringo, pero hablo espanol como un nativo. Vivia en Chile hace muchos anos por dos anos, despues en Espana por un ano, y en Mexico por 5 anos. Ademas, mi hijo es adotado es de El Salvador. Tambien, soy superintendent de unas escuelas in el area de Los Angeles y casi todos nuestros estudiantes son Hispano hablantes y pratico mucho todos los dias con los padres de nuestros estudiantes. Asi que, cuando quieres, estoy disponible de chatear contigo en espanol. Me imagino que te sientes tal como yo con mi guitarra… Animado de aprender, pero un poquito avergonzado en no poder tocar como quiera todavia!


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Muchas gracias, hermano! Seria mejor si podríamos hablar por teléfono…es posible? Si es así, por favor mándame tu numero por email a También, las horas estás disponible…recuerda que vivo en tiempo central. Una vez mas, gracias!

No bueno… pocito, delora, garganta…all while pointing to body parts. About all I remember from working as a travel RN in the southwest.
I have a friend who is from Cuba, I have heard him say Cuban Spanish is different than other Spanish.
I’m sure there are a lot of similarities though.
God Bless you on your trip!

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I can speak Portuguese, but cant write/type it (I barely can in English) and I can understand most of the written Spanish in this thread. Hearing it spoken is a different deal

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My wife swears at me in Spanish…well I am assuming that she is swearing by the look she is giving me when she changes languages. :smiley: And I’m glad I don’t understand…it’s those little things in life we need to be thankful for :wink:. She lived in Spain so she has that “in country” accent that sounds like a lisp.