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Any Purple Hulls new music?


I was moved to see the 3 of you play recently in Tribute to your late Uncle… and I share my condolences again for your loss.

I was considering that the quarantine might be a good time of reflection to write some songs.

Side note: I am sure many will make “Quarantine Blues” albums… if they haven’t already. Come to think of it, I think I saw a Peter Hollens’ song on Spotify, but I digress…

As I said, it was so nice to see you three play again… my question (I hope you don’t mind my posting it here) is if there might be a Purple Hulls new album on the horizon any time soon?


We have talked about it, yep, but no solid plans :wink:


Hi Will, I take it you know they already ha have four albums out.


The Purple Hulls are my favorite group! I’d love to see then produce another album



Well aware of their discography of the Purple Hulls.

Just anxious to see some more…

I know it had an extra member… but I was moved by their National Anthem Video I saw recently too. I wish they could record that too. :+1:


I helped fund a couple of their project’s through Kickstarter. It costs a lot to hire a recording studio


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I’m a member here because of The Purple Hulls. About two years ago I was surfing YouTube and ran across What a Friend We Have in Jesus. WOW. If they counted how many times I’ve listened to that song they would think I was a stalker. :flushed:


Big brother is counting :open_mouth:

Very tangentially related to this thread: for the first time I can recall, I found canned Purple Hull Peas at HEB


When they put that song on the album, the first thing you hear on that track is Ben saying “Kick it off, Katy.” If I hear them play it anywhere else (they played it to kick off the camp last year) it just doesn’t sound right without Ben’s intro part. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just like when Johnny Cash say’s. “Show him what the intro is Earl” And Earl just kicks it off.

Any excuse just to watch this video again.



Johnny Caiiish, like my late dad used to emphasize on purpose, and Earl… gone.

I miss them… but am grateful we have these videos and Recordings to treasure.

A glorious sound.

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