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Any members in South Korea?

Hello all, new member. I’m in the Army and am getting stationed in Korea soon. Any members in Korea? A quick google search yields little about the Korean music scene (for anything other than Kpop) but I hope to find some people to jam with while I’m there. Thanks!


Banjo Kpop would be something to see :laughing:

Something to see maybe but not something to hear!

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Lol. My cousins like K-pop, but I absolutely hate it. I make them listen to bluegrass whenever we’re together. :grin:

I’m not in South Korea, but just wanted to say welcome to the forum!

Good luck finding a five string if you’re not taking your own. MWR doesn’t get much call for them I’m afraid.
On the other hand, with so many banjos having been made in South Korea, you may have a better chance of finding a picking pal!

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I do have quite a few members there in Gwangju and Seoul, etc., but mostly are natives. I know I have quite a few military folks stationed there but I’m not able to tell b/c their address is an APO.