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Any idea about dates for cabin camp in Boise?

Not to be too pushy or any such thing, but I’m piecing together my massive road trip thru the western US this summer and am just trying to get an idea of when I might want to be in the Boise area. I’m shipping my 1967 VW camper over from Holland to Seattle and flying in with my daughter and her friend. We meet up with a bunch of other VW folks and drive from the Canadian border to the Mexican border along the west coast. We did this 3 years ago and it was amazing. My daughter and her friend fly back home after 3 weeks and I have another month to cruise around wherever I get the
hankerin to go. If anybody has any suggestions I’d love to hear them as well.


Wow, what a trip!!! The potential dates, and these are not set in stone, are August 27-29.

All right then. I’ll vaguely plan to be somewhere near there around that time.

Still busy booking my trip. Already somewhere in the neighborhood of 6000 miles over 4 weeks. Was looking at the calendar and noticed that August 27-29 (the possible dates for the Boise camp) were Tuesday thru Thursday. Is that correct ? I’m booking campsites in the event it doesn’t happen but leaving my options open.

Yes, those dates are correct and I promise to get something out about the camp in the next week! Thank you for your patience! Actually the camp will be held in Cascade, so check that area out.

@BanjoBen has the noise camp been announced and I missed it?

Hi Tim, No announcement yet, @BanjoBen just got back from Israel and I am guessing he is pretty worn out after his trip. I am sure news will come shortly. I seem to recall the event is due to happen in the fall.

Hey y’all, I’m sorry for the delayed notice! I’ve had some long talks with my wife and folks that help me out with the site and I’ve decided not to do a camp this fall. It was going to be forced and I want everyone who comes to have the best possible experience. I am going to do a camp in the spring again (maybe two back to back), and plan to do another in the fall somewhere, potentially Ireland or Scotland.


If you actually do a camp in Ireland or Scotland, I’m gonna definitely try to come, I’ve wanted to visit both for a while!

Good call Ben.

Disappointments abound I’m sure, me included, but I think it’s the right decision. It’s better to do it right and with plenty of time to plan rather than rushed and on top of everything else you’re doing right now. :slight_smile: