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Answers in Genesis Ark Encounter

We visited the Ark Encounter today in Ky. This is Ken Ham’s place he built a while back, it is a full scale Noah’s ark with cages for every “kind” of animal that was on the ark (both extinct and non extinct). I am super impressed with the research that had to go into all of this. This attraction really brings the story to life and I think makes people believe the story exactly the way God tells it in the Bible. I highly recommend seeing this, and bring your kids so they can know that their public school science textbooks are WRONG in so many ways!


We went up yonder a couple weeks ago, was worth the drive from Nashville.


Now the important question. Young earth? Old earth? I can’t make an informed guess, but so far old earth. Let the debate begin!

Sounds good, I like debating this topic. I have always believed in a young earth. Ken Hamm shows lots of evidence to back this up. Also, the Bible indicates that there was no death or destruction before the fall of Adam, so there could not be millions of years of death and fossilization before Adam

It is a valid debate though, because I know lots of Bible believing Christians that believe in a old earth.


I don’t really have a dog in the young / old earth hunt, but I recently heard a pretty convincing argument for old earth. It said that we know without question how fast light travels. We also know how to measure distance. If the universe was only 6000 years old, everything in the sky would have to be a lot closer. Some of the light we see in the night sky was produced millions of years before we actually saw it.

I thought it was interesting, but I’m open to rebuttals. I personally don’t care. I know I’m not smart enough to have a solid opinion on the subject.

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Check out the info on this page.

These scientists are at smarter than me. I can’t begin to wrap my head around the fact that a clock can tick slower or faster under certain conditions as demonstrated by Eienstein. The point that Answers in Genesis makes is that evolutionary science makes certain assumptions that all scientists make and therefore is not 100% accurate. (I.E. Time has always been consistant, or that the speed of light has always been consistent. No one will ever know the answer to this.) The logic that they use is based on the laws of physics that was given by God during the creation week. God was sustaining the universe as he created it.

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Like I said, I don’t really have a dog in the hunt. I have a lot more important things to suck up my brain’s computing time than how old the earth is. IMHO, it just doesn’t matter. I don’t think I’d change my daily habits if we suddenly knew the absolute truth.

It’s fun to contemplate, but it’s ultimately an argument that isn’t likely to be won in my lifetime. :slight_smile:

I understand how you feel. Sometimes I also feel like some things are just not worth worrying about. Ken Hamm’s group obviously thinks this is a battle worth fighting from a Christian perspective. I am glad there are folks out there that put that kind of effort into something they believe in. They teach that all the answers are in the Bible, and if Satan can fool people into disbelief of part of it that he can make folks think the entire Bible is false. I think that’s a pretty big issue in our culture today. No one knows what the truth is anymore, so we just make it up as we go along.


I live literally four miles from the Ark. Anytime you all are in my area PM me. Love to meet you. Maybe jam if time.

So not only were you Red State close you were four miles from my house close! Oh Ben…:frowning:


I have told many people in defense of the AIG folks. You might not agree with everything they do and some don’t believe at all but one thing you cannot contest is everything is done with excellence and the people there are always super nice and willing to help. I have met Ken Ham a few times. Super smart. Nice guy but a bit stand offish because there are so many who are out to get him.


OH NO!!! Man, I had no idea!!! I should have asked!

Mark I’m with you there on the last line. I wish I could debate it more. I understand it but a lot of it is way beyond me.

Nah. I never thought you were coming up to the ARK. Matter of fact Red State is SO well known that it was not beyond me to think you came up just for it and headed back south stopping at points on the way.

However, science took silica, petroleum by-products, metals and magnets to make computers that actually allowed you to make that post on something as incredible as the internet. Conversely , there is not one single shred of evidence that suggests the “story” of the Ark or anything it entails ever happened. Wanting to believe in something doesn’t make it a reality. If that were the case I would still believe in Santa Claus. It’s disturbing to me that you would actually think that and cast such aspersions on the scientific community that has done so much to improve our daily lives. Is that what you teach your children? That science is all wrong? You really believe that the earth is only 6000 years old? You really think that “modern” man interacted with dinosaurs? The only reason they were forced to included dinosaurs in the exhibits is because we have absolute proof of the previous existence of dinosaurs. The problem is that dinosaurs occurred some 65 million years before man walked the earth and that completely blows the " young earth" theory out of the water. It’s disappointing and somewhat infuriating that people will engage in willful ignorance to dismiss or outright deny actual scientific evidence while simultaneously allowing themselves to swallow hook, line and sinker some of the most outrageous and easily disproved claims known to man. You are not doing yourself or anyone else any favors. You are only embarrassing yourself. Reality might suck but it is what it is.

I’m not embarrassed at all by my beliefs. Although the idea that we’re were all made in Gods image and other truths of the Bible are getting less and less popular everyday!
I try raise my kids to know what truth is…That’s the best I can do.

I do believe in science, and science does prove the Bible. (God created the laws of science by the way, how else could it all actually work.) It all depends on what idea you have that your trying to prove or disprove as to what the scientific data will prove. Arguments can easily be made on both sides if you look only at scientific data.

Concerning the flood. All cultures have stories of a worldwide flood, not just the Bible. Things we see also points to a worldwide flood, such as the Grand Canyon. If the Grand Canyon was formed over millions of years then the walls would be smooth I think. But, if the Grand Canyon was formed very rapidly (maybe during the flood) the walls would be jagged and rough, kinda like they are now…

As for dinosaurs, it’s certainly not impossible that they existed the same time as man. Think about all the things science tells us about that, and most people just believe it. One example is carbon dating, are we certain it is reliable? Has carbon always decayed at the same rate that it does now? The best scientists in the world, both the evolutionist and creationist, have to make some assumptions to come to a conclusion.

I truly wish people were more open minded and would think outside of the box, instead of just believing what a text book says. I have learned to not believe that the Bible says something just because someone tells me it does. I am reading through the Bible this year for the second time in my life and it is even more eye opening than the first time. I still have a lot of questions, but I have some answers too that I didn’t have before.


Thanks for keeping it civil, folks! I love respectful dialogue.


My problem with this is that people tend treat this as fact rather than the leading theory that it actually is. So far, man has no way to know for certain the age of the fossils. We have a theory based on the rate of carbon decay, but we have to have a certain amount of faith that the assumptions we’ve made about the rate of decay actually represent reality.

I’ve studied both sides of this argument quite a bit. In the end, neither side is completely faith free. That’s why I’m agnostic about it.


Anyone here still believe in Santa Claus? If not, why?