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Another Strap Question

How do people wear their strap just over the shoulder? When I tried it, it felt like I was going to drop everything. So it’s over the neck for me. Maybe I just got Sloopy shoulders :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

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I cannot fathom to even try it… but I started playing electric guitar - oh so many years ago! I think that just entered my brain as the “proper” position… so I just cannot even imagine feeling comfortable without going around my neck.

I’m interested to hear from advanced players who have really tried both…

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Been noticing that on different players and wondering the same thing myself…

I’ve played both ways…you can get used to either.

The only advantage to the shoulder method is that you don;t have to remove your cowboy hat to put on and take off your instrument.

You might notice quite a few mando players wear their strap on just the one shoulder also.


God forbid to remove the HAT! Isn’t that sacrilege? :cowboy_hat_face:

What CIVILIZED person would remove their hat, huh?


I can understand the whole mando thing… cuz strap is generally a smaller overall loop, is it not?

The hat comments actually comes from an explanation Earl Scruggs gave as to why he wore his strap that way…and you know if Earl did it that way…

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