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Another question

We are obviously shopping for Christmas gifts today!:joy:

Can anyone give me a detailed list of the picks included in the pickers bundle for guitar? I can’t zoom the screen in close enough to see what’s all there.


Since I do a lot of guessing in my free time, I guess they are the picks stamped with Banjo Ben’s logo, in assorted thickness.

Another guess is that they are all really expensive Blue Chip picks.

One of the guesses may not be right.:grin:


All of the black, white and red ones are an assortment of J.T.'s Picks (made right here in Ohio I believe). Each color is actually a different material. The rounded ones are thicker than the others. Then there’s a Golden Gate (not sure of the thickness) and a Dunlop Primetone either 1.3mm or 1.5mm (too small for me to read correctly).

The enormously large Banjo Ben pick is extremely thin, way too flexible and does not project sound well at all… Sticks to your fingers real good though!

Happy Thanksgiving!


This has no info. about what’s in the pack, but, a friend just gave me a pick called a “Big Stubby” by Jim Dunlop. I’m really liking it, because it doesn’t slip around between my fingers.

It has great grip and is 3 mm thick. They’re available in 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm.



Thanks, I’ll look into those too.


Hello Taryn, it appears the bundle has all (or most of) the different sizes, shapes and texture of picks to try out. When you try them all, you can individually purchase picks for the size/shape/texture combination(s) you feel comfortable with. But variety pack is always a good or necessary to experiment with. If you are looking for strings too, you can’t go wrong. Or you can look for other variety pick pack if available.

Ben’s logo pick BumBadoh pick is really nice one! But I’m not sure if this pack carries it as Banjoe suspects.

I just ordered a couple of finger picks (John Pearse hi-rider), thumb picks (Dunlop ultex and tortoise) etc.! :slight_smile: