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Annoying string tone

I just changed strings to my usual gauge ghs 185. However, the G string the wound string has a strange tone that I’ve never had before. The best I can describe it is, that slightly metallic sound you get on new acoustic guitar strings.
Maybe it will fade, but normally I don’t hear this on string changes. Do you think it’s a duff string or maybe a Tailpiece issue?

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I noticed that when I’ve changed strings, it wears off quickly like a guitar. I would just make sure it’s run smoothly through the bridge and nut and not rattling on something there. Does it change when you fret it?

I’ve never noticed it before on a string change. It’s always had a good tone from the off when I’ve put new strings on. It sounds the same fretted too. I will give it a week and see how it goes, then possible change the string first, in case it’s just a one off string problem. The difference this time, is I removed all strings to clean the fretboard, so the Tailpiece had to be reset. So wondering if that’s effected anything. What do you think @Jake?

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@jono if you think you have a tail piece set-up issue, check out the Steve Huber banjo set-up series. I have used the videos to make minor set-up adjustments with good results. I normally play GHS pf135’s. They settle in pretty quick. Good Luck !

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Thanks. :+1:

Wow! You play a wound 3rd? I didn’t know they even made those. :astonished:

No sorry I meant the 4th string. D string not G. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that THAT is cleared up! :face_with_monocle:

To me, it sounds like just a little bit of new string “zing” that’s pretty typical with wound strings (the reason it sounds like new guitar strings). The 4th string in the PF185s is typically a really good one. It is actually the same exact string as in the PF135 and PF140 JD Crowe sets. I’d play it for a while to see if it settles down a bit.

You could also stretch it a bit. If you want to do that, just push it down toward the head a little bit. This is something that I do fairly often when I put a new set of strings on to get the stretch out so that I don’t have to fight with tuning so much, but it also seems to take a little bit of that brand new string “zing” out, in my experience.

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Sounds like a good tip. Yes, i think it is new string zing. I’m used to it on guitar strings and like that tone. Just not noticed it so pronounced on my banjo string before. I think it’s a little better today, either that or I’m getting used to it.

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