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Annoying Blue Popup Screen - Text Editor

Hi @StephenHewitt , Is there anyway you can turn off or at least limit the Annoying Blue Popup Screen that says “Your topic is similar to…” from constantly popping up each time one is typing a message in the text editor. I have tried clicking the X which does close the popup screen but as soon as I start typing it pops up again.

I will see what I can do, but the escape key also makes it go away for me.

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The ESC key does it for me too but when I continue typing often it will flag up again

I’ve honestly found it to be helpful for me to read a similar thread rather than starting a new one.

With the old forum we had lots of repeats that just got referred to old threads anyway, or good information got divided up into multiple different threads making it more difficult to go back and remember which one you read it in. I see that a lot on banjohangout as well.

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Hi Rance I here what you say, but on this forum we are often using many of same subject headers or words with the message that are the same to discuss different topics. It’s the frequency of the popup’s that bugs me a little as I have to pause each time to close the popup and it become a distraction to my thought process. I know I am just a grumpy old fart. :weary: