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And a GOOD TIME was had by all!

Just got back from Cabin Camp 2020. Met a guy named Mark, from Houston - not to be confused with Jake from State Farm - and he says to get my butt onto the forum. So, here I am.

Seriously, it should be illegal to have that much fun. I just had so…much…fun. Best part? Meeting so many wonderful people, all of whom share a love of bluegrass music, acoustic instruments (yes, even the banjo), and sitting around playing songs together. The fellowship was awesome.

Ben and his family, staff, and local friends (and some not so local) worked SOOOO hard to put this thing together, and I want to make it abundantly clear how much that effort is appreciated and valued.

Thank you very, very much, Ben, Hannah, Katie, Penny, Jake, Justin, Abbey, Caleb, Mark, Alicia, and many others whose names I am too small-brained to recall. (My brain got full half-way through camp. Couldn’t handle any more data.)

May the Lord God bless you, surround you with his guiding angels, and protect you always.



Welcome to the forum and it looks like camp was a great time!


Hey Scott! You made it here! Great to have you!

I’m right there with you on the amount of fun I had… and I get to go back and do it again this week. I’m seriously concerned about fun overload.

Looking forward to your input. It really is “the more the merrier” here.


I’m so honored you came, @Scottie! I appreciate those kind words, and my favorite part is the people too.


Well said. Already looking forward to next year! From the staff to the instructors and all of the other campers it was an awesome time with an amazing group of people. Thanks again Ben for a great time.


Welcome to the forum!! Camp was awesome!


@Scottie , welcome to the forum! I’m so glad you came and that we were all able to take part in this event.


@BanjoBen, @aliciabowman, @Jake, and everybody else who was involved in the camp, thank you so much for all of your hard work!! I surely enjoyed attending camp for the second time and I’m looking forward so much to next year!

@Bcaves, @Scottie, @scott_wilson, @Simone, @Dragonslayer, @xmark, @Mark_Rocka, and all the other awesome people that I was able to meet at camp, I enjoyed meeting and talking with y’all so much. Lord bless all of you and see you again, hopefully!


I agree Scott. It was a great camp!


It was great to see you again, too @Michael_Mark! If it’s even possible, you’re an even better picker this year than you were last year. Keep up the good work and we’ll see you on stage at the Grand Ol Opry soon.


Welcome Greg! Glad to see you over on this side! You are the ONLY person in the forum that I’ve met in person prior to seeing over here… (Greg was the guitar picker in our group for the July 4th camp weekend.) And yes, camp was awesome!


Mark R: Good to see you at camp! Thanks for your friendship and helpfulness. After last year’s experience, Donna came with me this year. One day into camp she told me I was right about the quality of Cabin Camp and she was excited to be there. (Of course, having Abby as her bass teacher made an impact.) But WOW! What a 3 day experience! Cabin Camp is amazing because of the vision and confidence of Banjo Ben. Everything at camp is positive. To be around Ben and his extended family (which, for me, includes the staff and volunteers) is invigorating. The atmosphere alone challenges you to be a better picker. It’s great that there are two sessions this year because twice as many have a chance of attending. I was lucky enough to have Katy as my banjo instructor. She is an incredible banjo talent and covered many techniques and concepts on which I really needed to focus. Thank you Katy! Finally, a special thanks to Caleb. He was an unexpected bonus. Very helpful, very friendly and very talented. Highlights? Ben’s presentation on the “numbering system” and harmony and the FOOD! See y’all next year.


It was so nice to see you again Bruce, and to meet Donna, too. I never got to ask her if the extra layer of super glue helped her get through her band performance.

I’ll second the benefit of having Caleb there. Talk about a power couple! Those two are amazing!


The super glue was great. She never felt a thing! BUT now we are home and have to go out (against the Governor’s preference) to buy … yes, SUPER GLUE!



@Michael_Mark It was a real pleasure getting to know you too buddy. Can’t wait to hear you play again.


Bruce, thanks for the extra insight at camp. Really enjoyed meeting you and Donna both. It was fun being in the group with Donna. Please let her know how much Ellen (my wife) and I enjoyed talking with her. Hope to see y’all at a future camp.


@JKL, @Boo, it was great to talk and play with y’all! The Wayfaring Blue Ridge Mountain Squirrels was a great group to be a part of!


Jeff & Ellen,

Thanks for the reply! Donna says, “Hi!” to you folks. So, now what do we do with our time ‘til next year?
(I know… Yer sayin’ “Go practice!”)


Yeah man of course! With any luck we’ll be in the band again next year and be ready to knock em dead!


I loved getting to meet everyone as well. @Michael_Mark you’re are great picker and a great person! Lords willing I will see everyone again next year.