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Hi Ben

You told me a while ago that i need to concentrate on anchoring my pinky better as i cant seem to get used to two fingers down on the head. I have been working hard to keep my pinky as still as possible so much so i’m wandering if i’m over thinking it and pushing down to hard as i might be tense and i notice that you only use the pinky and theres a little movement in yours as well…


Howdy! I don’t remember what I had seen to recommend what I did, but that sounds right. You might be getting too tense but it’s tough for me to tell without seeing your playing in motion. Can you post a little video?

Yes, my pinky does float a bit, but not when I dig in to play fast/loud. It wouldn’t move at all except that I have a deformity in my pinkies that keep them from straightening out:

Hi @BanjoBen

Thanks for the reply and explains alot and hope its not to painful for you…

The commect you made was part of a post when i first started and have tried so hard to keep the pinky still which i think im starting to get

Big thanks for the reply and advise :+1:

@BanjoBen Link to latest video in regard to Anchoring…

any advice on hand position would be great…


Yes, hand position looks good, but I think a stronger approach to the strings will naturally cause you to anchor how you should. If you’re digging into the strings and it changes your hand position, then you’ll naturally anchor a bit harder to keep your hand from moving. We’re not talking super hard here.

Ok cool that helps a lot as I now feel like I’m slowly getting all the main things in place as I don’t want to form bad habits early or wrong fundamentals etc

Thanks and appreciate you pointing all these things out :+1:

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