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Amputated tip of the left middle finger-Guitar

HelloA couple years ago I cur the top join off my left middle finger. I have been working to get mobility back and desensitize the finger. I want to play contemporary worship and lead guitar. Is there any guidance or information on this site that might help me get going in the right direction on this sight or in the lessons?



Here you go…I hope you find this inspiring. Play on brother!,so%20inspired%20by%20his%20story.


Hello Don,

I at first thought my post might be intrusive but then of course you have raised the question. I see @Treblemaker has linked to django reinhardt but another route may be Open Tuning works OPEN G springs to mind and you may work out if you can use a slide on the middle finger. Unusual perhaps but keep thinking keep talking Don.

You could play a lot of songs out of OPEN G in a workable Key.

Good luck


Oh man! So do you think you will regain mobility and desensitize it? I don’t think I have any lessons specifically geared toward that over other lessons…I would think most any lesson would help with the mobility and feeling. Keep us posted!