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Amazing Interview & Broken Metronome

Steve Martin is a banjo man and does some other things too, like movies & TV and a bit of comedy.
Since this interview is about 4 years old, many of you may have seen it. It’s well worth the 20 minutes.
As one Comment read: “This is a really, really good interview. Educated questions and thorough, surprising answers.”
And when he gets to the part about using a metronome to practice, well…I thought I was the only one who buys pieces of junk.
The occasion was his induction into the American Banjo Museum HOF.


Thanks for posting…I loved it!

man, that was a great, great listen!!! Thanks. He said a LOT of things that I have thought about, and have been told by others. The one thing that stood out, was the part about playing with others. I shy away from that. I have a friend here at work that is “musically inclined”. every once in a while we will bring the instruments together and play a bit. And when we do, I think back to the reply video that @BanjoBen made for Pete, and I watch that video weekly and the same thing, I guess, happens to me. I can sit at home and play and play, not mistake free, but fairly well. I have found myself playing songs while watching something on TV, not really even paying attention to my playing. But, when I get with someone, I can’t play 2 measures without either totally forgetting what I’m supposed to be playing, or the fingers just not working right. It is really frustrating because I truly love and enjoy playing the banjo, guitar too for that matter, but love everything about the banjo. I cannot wait to get home so I can pick it up and just play, or attempt it anyway. I just somehow wish I could get over this fear, or prideful issue so I could really realize the full joy of playing the banjo.


First time seeing this… really enjoyed the interview. Thanks for posting

Brother, we all share your struggle! But as the one player told Steve “You know why you like bluegrass musicians so much? Because when you walk in, you are not the most important person in the room.”

Recently Jens Kruger did a “Deering Live” session & was naturally asked to kick it off with a song. He started playing a song. He’s played the song thousands of times, but about a third of the way through it, he fell apart & stopped playing to get a drink of water. He started again, but soon fell apart. He apologized to the moderators and explain he was too nervous & self-conscious to get the fingers to work right!
Now this is one of the greatest banjo players on the planet!
He starts playing at the 2:02 mark. He doesn’t look nervous at all, but between the ears he was a wreck.
Watch it and see if it doesn’t seem a lot like us screwing up “Bile Dem Cabbage Down!”


what a fun interview, what a great gentleman Sir Steve Martin is

I experienced this over the weekend when extended family came over for Christmas. Since October I’ve been working on Silent Night (beginner Guitar), practicing every day. Family shows up and it’s like “where do my fingers go?”
And that was a great interview @BanJoe. Steve Martin said “The banjo is both heartbreak and hilarity.” Boy if that ain’t the truth. I also completely agree with his statement at the end…the ability to be at home and pick up an instrument is a very good thing and brings a lot of happiness. So true.