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Alright, let's get it going

Breaks so far:
1. Mark Rocka
2. Treblemaker

Treblemaker, once we figure out the structure of the song, I’ll use a click track to record basic rhythm guitar for the song. Next, I’ll upload the track so someone (Mr. G?) can use it to lay down a bass track and send it to me. Then, I’ll mix the guitar and bass together and upload it. From there, the breaks, fills, vocals, and rhythm instruments can be recorded in any order. I’ll keep adding tracks to the main mix as I receive them.

I’m hoping we can start out with a straight melody for the first couple of rounds. The part I have worked up strays pretty far from it. I hope folks will thinks it’s tasteful.

I got it dialed in tonight. Now I just need a couple of days to get it sounding smooth.

Cool Mark. I’m mostly sticking to the melody with a few ornaments. I still got tons to learn, but I practice whenever I have the chance. This should be a blast!


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Look forward to it LD. I’ll probably be nagging you with a ton of questions.:neutral_face:

Another thought LD. I got kind of a tenor voice, so I’d love a chance to sing a fifth above the melody. However if someone else would like to do it, I’d gladly acquiesce.

By Kompoz or Dropbox, are you referring to DAW software?

Sitting on the fence rail watching all the action. Care to explain how this collaboration thingy works for us non participants.

I’ll throw in a break of something we don’t have…may even attempt a dobro break if y’all won’t laugh too hard.

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Archie. LD will lay down the base tracks, and we will receive them and lay down our own on them. Not sure whether we will lay down our tracks with recording software or our smart phones.

This is going to include vocal tracks, and pretty much anything, I guess. Whatever anybody wants to do.

Once everyone has recorded their own tracks, LD will mix them and master the final product.

To anyone out there, am I correct on this?


Mike R. Just saw you already addressed a good part of how it works…Thank you. Was just checking out Kompoz.


This is only my second attempt at coming up with my own arrangement for something. I’m concerned that I’m straying too far from the melody. I really want to come up with something you guys will be happy with. Not to mention I don’t want to keep practicing this if it’s not a keeper.

Constructive criticism is much appreciated.


Excellent. Pushes the envelope at the top and brings the melody back in. I love it.

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Thanks Ben! I’m sure you recognize most of those licks, especially that very last one I stole from Oh Come All Ye Faithful. That is such a cool sounding lick!

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Really nice Mark!

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Sorry I didn’t get to the earlier question sooner… you beat me to it :slight_smile: As you probably saw, Kompoz is purpose built. It used to be pretty awesome… then it got “improved” to where it was tough to use. I suspect it is probably better now. Dropbox isn’t music specific, but it is just a way to share files. There are a ton of options for file exchange.

Phenominal. Just to make sure we’re doing this in G, correct?

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Thanks! Yeah, Ben mentioned doing it in G. If anyone is going to play fiddle, though, we can capo up.

Just listened again. I like the way you walked up the chords. Were they forward reverse rolls?


This sounds really funny. Wish I could play better. Can’t wait too see the show. Not much for jam sessions around here. This is next best thing. It’s so cool

I think they’re mostly forward rolls on the walk up. Honestly, I didn’t even pay attention to that. I just had an idea of what I wanted it to sound like and started playing with it until I got what I wanted. A few times in there I had to break from a forward roll and pick thumb, middle, thumb, index so that the melody notes were accented on the right beat. That was probably the hardest part… getting the notes I wanted to fall in the right places.

I’m starting to get excited about this project!

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