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All I can Say is Whow

I am pretty much a 61 year old greenhorn and am just learning to play a mandolin rite now I decided to see what all the hype was about with these blue chip picks had it in the back of my mind that there was no way a pick costing $35 could make that much of a difference in playing and sound but boy was I ever wrong I ordered a SR40 thinking I would give one of those blue chip picks a try and I could not believe how much better my mandolin sounded and how much easier it seemed to be to play it the blue chip SR40 just seemed to glide o ff the strings and made me look like I actually knew what I was doing LOL blue chip picks are worth every dime spent on them

Also picked up a Peterson Strobo Clip Tuner had been using a snark tuner up until now used the sweetener for Mandolin and tuned it with the Peterson and man what a difference well worth the price for a tuner

ordered both from the site store and received it in a vary short time so this is also a shout out to the people at the general store

Thanks for the quick service


Hello greenhorn! I’m pretty much in the same boat as you, with a banjo.
I too thought $40 is stupid to pay for a Blue Chip thumb pick, so I got stupid and ordered one.
I also said “Whoa!”

There seems to be a pattern here. :grin:


Well I liked that first pick so much I ordered three more but different ones LOL just placed an order for a CT55 Chris Thile Flat Pick,Kenny Smith 40 &50 Signature Flat Pick

Every pick I have ever tried previously I always found it was more comfortable for me to rotate them to the rounded corner so there for it made since for me to order blue chips that had rounded corners other than the CT55 Chris Thile

like I said I liked that first one so much I just could not resist trying some different ones


I use the CT55 as well. I had pretty much the same reaction as you. I ended up getting me a second CT55 as a backup, even though there is no sign of wear on my original Bluechip pick.


it just really amazed me just how much different the tone was with the blue chip pick compared to the other picks I had previously been using and it also amazed me at how much easier my mandolin seemed to be to play with the blue chip pick its just really hard to explain it, before I broke down and shelled out $35 for a pick I had the thought in my head that all of the people that was talking about how they spent that much on one pick were nuts, I guess I joined the nuts crowd LOL


Thank you so much for your support of the General Store!