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Alison Krauss & Gillian Welch performance of I'll fly away


Does anyone know who played the Mandolin on this?


I’m gonna guess it’s Mike Compton.

Couldn’t find the exact credits, but it sounds a lot like him.

Hi John,

I seem to recall watching a documentary movie about the making of Oh Brother. I think it was called Down from the Mountain or something similar. You may care to email Ron Block he is sure to know. Ron is active over on the Banjo Hangout.

Yep, I’m with @fiddle_wood…I think it’s Mike.


I just watched the documentary Down from the Mountain on YouTube and although they didn’t play I’ll Fly Away Mike Compton feature prominently as a session musician throughout the concert. Loved the movie and the music…

The Kossoy Sisters version of ‘I’ll Fly Away’ was the one that appeared in the movie. They kind of got the short end of the stick when it was replaced by the Welch/Krausse version on the soundtrack CD.

Not too sure about that…they recorded it over 60 years ago…I’m guessing using the newer artist’s version was a fiscally responsible move by the producers.

The soundtrack sold about 8 million copies, and the Kossoys weren’t on it. Of course they lost money because of that. From what I’ve read though, T Bone did record the soundtrack before they even began filming so maybe it was more a case of replacing Krausse/Welch. And the Kossoys apparently didn’t even know they were in the movie, they claim they found out while watching the thing in the theater. It’s a great little story actually, the more you dig into it.

Missed my point…The use of popular names currently in the “stable” as opposed to relative unknowns from 70 years ago, makes for higher sales…

I was talking about the Kossoy Sisters losing out on some royalties. You’re the one that veered off that topic. But since we’re here, Alison Krause and Gillian Welch already appeared on the record. And it’s not as if The Peasall Sisters, the Fairfield Four, or Chris Thomas King were some sort of major commercial forces. They should’ve used the Kossoy’s on both the soundtrack and the movie. That’s all I’m saying. I understand that the entire thing was carefully calculated by T Bone Burnette. Doesn’t make it right.

You guys do NOT want me chiming in on that Net Neutrality thread. LOL. I’ll just leave now. Have a Merry Christmas all!

haha…actually we’re both of topic…back to regular programming…the mandolin part…