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Alan Munde Break from Guatemala!

Check out Julian, a Gold Pick member in Guatemala! Here he plays Alan Munde’s break to Rosa Lee McFall. I love how Alan approaches keys without a capo.


He says he works at Dyslexic Bookstore, where you earn a free beer at the bar next door if you purchase $40 worth of books :smile:

I think it’s interesting how different the key of F sounds with a 5th string tuned to A as opposed to G! Uncle Clooney Played the Banjo is a great example of the latter. Having the 5th string tuned to A really adds a moody, minor-ish sound. Would love for someone to post some variations on this! I’m having a lot of fun with the key of F with no capo and the 5th string tuned to A!

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Listen to Mike Lilly play “don’t take me back to the chain gang” sometime and see what you think of that tuning for F…

Wow! That was great! That left hand was really moving. Really nice job!