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Alan Munde banjo tips

Came across this video on YouTube from 1992. It’s a long video, but when you have time Alan talks about some great tips in this. One point that I found interesting is about fingerpicks, or how much pick to push your finger into. He explains how he likes to think of the picks as an extention of his fingers, not something added on. He explains how picking to where your finger level is can mute the tone, and that just the tip of the pick helps tone and speed.
That was a big help for me. I’ve now started trying to raise my hand a little more to pick with just the tips.
Also, Alan gives us a show of his great pick’n :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing Jon, These video’s are like gold dust rare and extremely valuable in there content. Just a pity they don’t come with the hand-out attached for reference.