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Aggie Jokes

Why isn’t there an Aggie Joke Thread?

Aggie Physics Professor : Which do you think is farther away from College Station … Florida, or the moon?
Aggie Senior : Hello? Can you SEE Florida from here?

An Aggie taking a walk next to the Brazos River. While he’s looking around he notices another Aggie walking along the other side of the river. He yells to the other Aggie, “Hey, how do I get to the other side?” The other Aggie says, “You are on the other side!”

The teachers at A&M were having their weekly staff meeting when one professor spoke up and said “Do you people realize we have a student named Ben, from up in Longview, who has been attending classes for over nine years and he still hasn’t received a degree???”

Why no we didn’t know that . What can we do? We don’t want A&M to get a bad name. “I know”, one teacher said, “Let’s gather all the students at Kyle field and give this Ben a pop test. Something simple he can’t possibly miss, and then we will hand him his diploma.”

The next day everyone was gathered in the stadium. The teacher announced over the PA system, now Ben if you can answer this question, you will become a graduate of Texas A&M. Okay?

Okay he said.

Now take your time and answer this. How much is 3 plus 4? Ben went into deep in thought for a long period of time. Finally he spoke. The answer is 7!

The crowd went into an uproar and started hollering, whooping, and chanting, GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE, GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE !


That last joke is so pathetic it made me laugh!! :rofl::rofl:


Hahahaha classic @gwaldrop! I have a couple but they’re a bit off-color. Ok, ok, I’ll tell one. By the way, an old lady in her 80’s told me this one.

Q: Why did A&M have to cancel both the drivers ed and sex ed programs?
A: The mule died.


HAHA. As the late humorist Lewis Gizzard would say “Brother, I don’t think I’da told that!” :slight_smile: