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I hope that this post does not offend or come off as inappropriate. I am grateful for this community and it is not easy for me to display myself in this manner but I am really struggling with a heavy drinking problem and I fear that I am hitting an all-time low. If anyone has struggled or has knowledge of this battle, I would greatly appreciate any advice. I feel so broken.


I’m not in the same boat as you, but I truly hear your pain. All I can do is send heartfelt prayers your way. Music can soothe the soul, so lean heavily on that.


Thank you!


Been there…dealt with drinking & depression for many years…sober several years now (and quite a bit happier!).

I have to admit, I like myself more when I’m not drinking…things aren’t all perfect & joyful all the time, but life is as good as it’s ever been.

Have you tried AA? It has helped many. I’m not one that succeeded through that path, but I have many friends who did, and I attended for several years myself, as well as private counseling at times. I’d suggest trying either or both if possible, and if you haven’t yet.

PM me or call 6163047921 if you want to talk further.

Chin up! Life can get so much better if you just let it…


Not been there, personally. But as has been said, know several that either have, or are dealing with the issue. Again, prayers are coming your way. Just remember, the Lord isn’t going to put anything in your path that you and Him cannot overcome together.


Don’t apologize! the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem and you reach out for help! I have been sober for 16+ yrs and can suggest you get to a meeting and find a group to help you get started on the right path. Check with the local AA hot line and they will help you get you what you need. Please make the call,it’s worth it. Good luck!


Hey Andrew! First, a huge kudos to you for reaching out. So many people just suffer in silence, never realizing that the people around them care about their pain. You’re already ahead of most others.

I’ve never had your particular problem, but I have done significant research in to helping it for a loved one. If you’re interested, I’d be happy to share what I’ve learned. It’s a multi-faceted approach. Maybe something in there might help.

Just let me know. You don’t have to face it alone.


I’m confused. What is “inappropriate?”
Posting on this forum is a great place to start, because it’s a great place to start… to learn how to overcome bad muscle memory, develop new techniques for training your brain, and learning how to make some bad noises turn into wonderful songs.
As you struggle with the banjo (or whatever is giving you fits,) you will find days of frustration & days of sweet success.
There will be days when you tell yourself you “just can’t do it.” Then other days when things just go right. Yes, there really are good days, but not too many songs get written about them, so we tend to remember the blues. Maybe we have lazy brains.
Make sure you find a good teacher, too.
When I quit cigarettes, I felt pretty good about myself. Then I went to hunting camp for the first fall weekend. I was the only one there. As I got things organized, I opened the large tin can where we always store the bread so the mice don’t eat it. As soon as the lid came off I discovered what I had done last year before we closed up camp for the winter. I stashed a fresh pack of smokes & matches in the can, in case of emergency.
Son-of-a-gun. No one around for 20 miles and I was on my own for the next two days, just me & my beloved Camel non-filters. (Turkish & Domestic blend!)
I could not help but laugh. Here was the Devil doing his best. He laid out my struggle and delivered me a softball. I laughed again. It was too simple. It was every struggle I ever had with cigarettes all rolled up into one neat little moment. Take it or leave it, no questions asked & no body would ever know except me.
I threw them in the wood stove, pack un-opened. There is no reward in taking candy from a baby. And I worked too hard to be deceived by the Devil’s whispers again.

That’s my addiction story. Not glamorous and maybe apples & oranges. After all, “nobody knows de trouble I seen.” But by starting somewhere, you can learn to train your brain, and overcome the wrong muscle memory, and learn to turn noise into music.
Just hit the right note one time. Then repeat a thousand times! :grin:


Great advice.

Everyone takes a different path. I was you too. It gets better. You might have to change who you hang out with and try to stay away from it. The one thing I disagree with is when a “program” tells you that you have to admit that you are powerless over it…that is FALSE. The fact is , you are the ONLY one who has power over it. For what it’s worth.

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38 years ago, my dad found faith. This in turn gave him hope. His hope in Jesus gave him the strength to overcome two, and probably three addictions cold turkey.

Like all of us, he still has his struggles. But, he has never returned to any of his addictions. That’s amazing to me, cause I know the guy better than anybody but my mom.

Millions have found strength through their faith, but it’s not so for everyone. So no judgement on anybody for what they believe.

But I’ve seen first hand, the strength that some have found when having faith in something greater than themselves.


So sorry to hear you’re struggling Andrew and good on ya for opening up. I think you’ve already seen the outpouring of support of the gang here and I bet some are sending you PMs. Like some others I can’t offer specific advice on this specific issue as I’ve not had to deal with it, but I will say that I and some others have struggled with one serious issue or another in our lives; it seems to be our nature you see. My point being, you’re not alone mate.

You’ve recognized there’s an issue and that’s a big stinkin’ deal and you’ve reached out for help, an even bigger deal. Accept the help, advice and support in the spirit in which it’s intended and rely on your friends and family that are there for you. Do not try to face this alone. It won’t be easy for you, but I and others here will continue to pray for you.

Feel free to PM me and Ill give you my number and we can talk if you like and I’ll offer whatever help I can. You should know that many of us here will do that.