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Accessories For Sale

Hello BB Friends!

I have a batch of picks for sale, along with a Banjo Capo and an Instrument Tuner:

2 John Pearse Fast Turtle, 2 Folkway Music X-Heavy, 3 J.T.s, picks, 1 NEW Dunlop 1.3mm Primetone with package and 1 like new tiny Dunlop 1.4mm Primetone with grip, 5 New Dunlop 1.14 Ultex, 1 Dunlop 1.5mm Gator Grip, 1 Dunlop 1.14 pink pick, 1 Clayton Teardrop pick, 1 Dava rubber gripped pick and 1 homemade genuine imitation tortoise pick… Also a felt pick pouch and a Gibson Key Ring Pick Pouch.

This batch is $23.00 shipped to U.S.

Also in the picture is a Paige Banjo/Mandolin/Ukelele Capo that I purchased and never used. $15.00 shipped to U.S.

And… a Qwik Tune Tuner, very nice, works great. $10.00 shipped to U.S.

Thanks and God Bless,