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Folks, this is where you can learn about new products in the store, special deals, or ask questions about products. My General Store has a real, live, physical location in Washburn, Missouri, and is managed by the local legend, @Jake. Jake is also behind our toll free number, 1-833-BANJOBEN (833-226-5623).

We take pride in taking care of you. If we don’t have something you want, just ask and we’ll do all we can to find it and get it in your hands at the best price around. Thanks for shopping at the General Store!


Wow! I’m from Missouri too!

Can you help? I placed an order on Jan 31. Still patiently waiting
Gene Fox

I see you’ve placed an order with my wife’s favorite online retailer (that doesn’t sell shoes). Right now I’m working on gently stuffing your order into a box. I’ll send another email soon when it’s headed your way!

Your order number is: 4369

Let’s see, here’s what I’m gonna box up for you:
(1) D’Addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze Light Gauge Acoustic Guitar Strings () @ 6.49 = $6.49
(1) GHS PF140 JD Crowe Signature Studio Stainless Steel Light Gauge 5-String Banjo Strings () @ 4.39 = $4.39

Item Total: $10.88
Shipping: $3.18
Taxes: $0.00
Order Total: $14.06

Hey @Geno!

We have discovered the post office managed to lose that one. You should have recently received an email from @Jake. We have replaced your order and made up for the lost time as well. Thank you for your support of the General Store and your patience!

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Thank You

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Stelling or Huber? Which is the loudest and most powerful? Or do I have to find a nice Gibson?

Depends on the banjo, my friend. I have had a Stelling in my hands that outplays and is more powerful than any Huber I’ve played.

How about considering stocking some guitars for lefties in The General Store! I’m a new member and have already made a small purchase from you guys and received excellent service. Jake is prompt to answer questions and provide all the help one needs.

I know I can purchase my lefty guitar from a number of places, and I have…Guitar Center, Sweetwater, Zager Guitars…but I would like to deal with you guys for my next purchase.


Earl Pittman