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I’m so excited about the upcoming Cabin Camps! This is a category to post threads with questions, discussions, and memories of Cabin Camp!


As an inaugural 2019 camp attendee, let me say I’m very pumped about Cabin Camp 2020!!! For those coming for the first time that are beginners, have never played with anyone before, etc…don’t sweat it…really! This truly is a “judge free” zone where messing up, and in my case having your hand shake so bad that your think your pick is about to fall out of your grip, is no big deal. :slight_smile: Having said all that, my one piece of advice is to practice the songs listed as much as possible between now and then to get the most out of camp. That is one thing I wish I had done more last year and intend on doing differently going into this camp.

Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones…


Hello Ben,
This will be my first ever instrument camp of any kind and yes I’m a little nervous. I don’t want my lack of flat-picking skills to hamper the progress of the other pickers, however, I am looking forward to meeting everyone and making new friends.

What should I expect in this camp? What does a typical day look like?

God bless,
Chuck R.

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Anyone live in the Hickory NC area that wants to get together and practice the 2020 Camp Songs? I play the guitar. There’s one other fellow here in Hickory that is going as well. He plays mandolin and guitar.

If so…hit me up so we can get together for some small group practice.

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So, I have never been to Nashville. My husband is coming with me and I need some recommendations for what he could see while I am at camp. We are staying at one of the recommended hotels.

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